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Please find below a questionnaire for self assessment to be self determined, of the degree to which your a member of the LTTE diaspora. 

We welcome the comments of all, whilst assisting the LTTE diaspora.

This is a community project carried out for the benefit of the LTTE diaspora, so that they can (hopefully) become responsible and civil citizens in the society.

WE wish the LTTE diaspora, all the very best and to have the self determination to move away from racial hatred, animosity and anger, which is futile now.

1.       When did you start or stop voluntarily contributing financially to the LTTE or supporting the LTTE ideology of eelam ?

2.       When did the LTTE start or stop using duress  and intimidation to collect monies from you ?

3.       When did you run away from Sri Lanka, to avoid joining the LTTE who were fighting for eelam ?

4.       How much of money did you contribute voluntarily or otherwise to the LTTE monthly or yearly at the opportunity cost of your family ?

5.       How much do you suffer to realize that the LTTE used your money to kill Sinhalese, tamils, muslims, Indian civilians and Rajiv Gandhi or did you celebrate each killing ?

6.       While you educated your children in foreign countries, are you aware that the LTTE abducted children ages from 13 to 17 yrs old, both girls and boys and trained them to kill and be killed ?

7.       How much of your valuable time have you wasted for the LTTE and how much more time do you wish to waste on this  ?

8.       When the LTTE killed tamils, as being traitors or dispensable, did you rejoice and celebrate or silently clapped at home and supported the tamils to kill tamils ?

9.       When you supported  the LTTE to commit genocide of Sinhalese by killing thousands and thousands over a period of 30 years, did  you get a sick feeling in your stomach or chose to celebrate the killings with delight ?

10.   When the LTTE committed ethnic cleansing of the Muslims, did you rejoice daily or fantasize everyday about your racist attitude from abroad?

11.   Do you mingle with Sinhalese or muslim friends, or only with people who contributed monies to the LTTE and wave the flag of the LTTE ?

12.   Do you plan to go to India and celebrate the killing of Rajiv Gandhi, in front of the Indian Parliament, any day soon ? If so have you bought a one way ticket ?

13.   Have you helped the Sri Lankans, the ex-LTTE child combatants or the ex-LTTE terrorists now that the war is over to make their lives better, or only contribute monies for the destruction of people, such as the purchase of cyanide capsules, guns and suicide jackets  ?

14.   Why didn't you or your children wear a cyanide capsule or bite one and only got other tamils to bite the cyanide ?

15.   Why did you only contribute monies to manufacture suicide jackets, suicide trucks, suicide boats, suicide planes, and conveniently escape the task of being part of it ?

16.   Why did you get thousands of tamils in Sri Lanka to kill and be killed for the LTTE for a cause called 'eelam', while you stayed far away from Sri Lanka ?

17.   Are you aware that by your silence and inaction, that  you have accepted the following statements contained in the Darusman’s Report, which are against the LTTE and the LTTE diaspora :-

Section 32, Page 9 - "The LTTE pioneered modern suicide bombing, which it used against military, political and civilian targets. LTTE suicide bombers, both men and women, were responsible for the deaths of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi (1991) and Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa (1993) as well as numerous Sri Lankan ministers and members of parliament, and moderate Tamil political leaders. It also carried out suicide attacks, often with large numbers of civilian casualties, on economic and religious targets. The LTTE pursued exclusionary politics, expelling Muslims from their homes in the north in 1990 and massacring Sinhalese and Muslims living in villages bordering areas it controlled. Violence,threats and fear were increasingly used by the LTTE to control the Tamil population. The LTTE was also known for its forced recruitment and use of child soldiers, including boys and girls. Its tactics led to the organization’s proscription in numerous countries, including Canada, the European Union, India, the United Kingdom and the United States; its proscription intensified after 11 September 2001."

Section 417, page 114 - It is to be expected that the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora, large parts of which provided vital moral and material support to the LTTE over decades, continues to harbor grievances about the plight of Tamils and to protest the actions of the Government during the last stages of the conflict. However, significant elements of the diaspora create a further obstacle to sustainable peace when they fail to acknowledge rights violations committed by the LTTE and its role in the humanitarian disaster in the Vanni.

Section 418, page 114 - During the last stages of the war, many in the diaspora remained silent in the face of numerous LTTE violations, including holding tens of thousands of Tamils hostage in the Vanni, using violence to prevent their escape and forcibly recruiting children into their rants. At the end, parts of the diaspora appeared more concerned about preserving the political State of “Tamil Eelam” than about the suffering of the civilian population trapped between two fighting forces.

Section 419, page 114 - The LTTE engaged in mafia style tactics abroad, especially among expatriate Tamil communities , to generate funds for their cause. Significant part of the Tamil disapora, who were supportive of the LTTE, played an instrumental role in fueling the conflict in this way. It is reported that former front organizations for the LTTE continue to operate through private businesses and to control some of the temple incomes. Activities of these organizations should be monitored. In addition, funds acquired by the LTTE from the disapora and elsewhere, and which still exist, should be secured for the purpose of making reparations to those in the Sri Lankan Tamil community who were victims in the conflict.

Section 420, page 114 - Members of the Tamil diaspora, through their unconditional support of the LTTE  and their extreme Tamil Nationalism, have effectively promoted divisions within the Sri Lankan Tamil community and, ironically, reinforced Sinhalese nationalism. A stable future in Sri Lanka demands that all of its ethnic communities, including those living abroad, recognize and respect the rights and interests of others with whom they share a common homeland. The diaspora which is large, well educated and has considerable resources, has the potential to play a far more constructive role in Sri Lanka’s future.

18.   When are you planning to sue the LTTE for waste of your funds or will that corner you with the LTTE friends that you have ?

19.   What are your grievances after wasting your money on the LTTE or is the LTTE still compelling you to contribute more of your hard earned monies ?

20.   Why did you go to Canada, Australia, UK, USA, Norway, Malaysia  and other countries without going to Tamil Nadu ?

21.   When you went illegally in a boat to these countries, didn’t you realize  Tamil Nadu was quicker, closer and cheaper ?

22.   If Tamil language is important, even though it is one of the official languages in Sri Lanka, then why didn't you go to Tamil Nadu, India ? In UK, USA, Norway, is Tamil an Official language ?

23.   Have you seen the pictures of Prabakaran in the pool enjoying a nice relaxing swim while he put others including tamils in pools of blood for 30 bloody years and how have you dealt with it knowing that you contributed monies to kill thousands and thousands of people by the LTTE ?

24.   Are you still suffering from the death of Prabakaran and his gang of murderers or do you believe that they are still alive ?

25.   Do you have money to seek psychiatric help in your country to overcome any one or more of the above ?

Hope this self determination (without loss of life to anyone) guide you in the correct path to be productive citizens and to move away from racial mindset for ever.

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